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Long-term employee motivation


In order to increase and maintain loyalty of employees to the company, we offer employers to use these long-term employee motivation tools:

            I. Employee life insurance by company funds - is one of the companies guarantee of stability in organization that wish to enhance their employees' commitment and long-term loyalty to the organization.

           II. Employee pension accumulation company funds - is one of the most effective means of securing their loyalty to the employee's retirement. This tool is very common in international practice.

           Benefits to EMPLOYER:

  • Encourage employees loyalty;
  • Retaining the best specialists;
  • An attractive, desirable image of employer.

           Benefits to EMPLOYER:

  • An instrument additional compensation, social security;
  • Long-term incentive program – willingness not only work better, but also to pursue a career in the same company;
  • Additional accumulation for the future.

           Benefits to the COMPANY:

  • The company get tax exemption if employees are insured by company funds;
  • Competitiveness in the labor market;
  • Flexible program - the opportunity to change the periodicity and amount of payment;
  • Socially responsible company.


We offer free consultation on ways how to save money of company insuring employees and how to increase their motivation and loyalty at the same time.