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Liability Insurance


The insurance company will compensate the damages for the third person if it was done by insurer or insured employee of the company. Sometimes the amount of the damage can be very high, and it may cause a serious financial losses because of insurance protection abcense. The liability insurance guarantee insurer protection of potential losses and financial responsibility take insurance company.

  • General Liability Insurance - liability insurance of the company business activities or defective products, which caused damage. Insurer must pay all the damage. General liability insurance is most needed for companies which territory have frequent visitors, whose employees work in customer premises or areas. Also the companies which sells products and provide services.
  • Professional Liability Insurance - every work and profession activity requires great responsibility because some wrong decisions can do direct damage to their clients or their property. People expect competent legal representation when they apply to lawyer, qualified help in customs procedures when they apply to customs workers. Otherwise, if the interests would be not protecting, a person can suffer.
  • Employer's Liability Insurance - every employer is responsible for the staff and their safety. Employer's liability of the accident insurance will compensate the damage for injured employee after an unexpected accident at work or on the way to work place, while an employee is at a business trip.
  • Contractor's Liability Compulsory Insurance - a type of insurance which insures the insurers liability of damage, which was done to third parties because of construction works at the period of contract.
  • Civil Liability Insurance - a type of insurance which insures the insurers liability for damage which was done to third parties because of wrong construction design at the period of contract.
  • Health Care Liability Insurance - insure the insurers (health care institution of person) civil liability for damage which was done to the injured third party and happened during the period of the insurance contract.
  • Carriers of Motor Vehicles and Forwarders Liability Insurance - the carrier's liability insurance is a specific type of insurance, which is very necessary for companies engaged in international cargo.