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Property Insurance


Citizens Property Insurance – insurance is a protection of not movable and movable insurer property from damage and destruction;

  • Building Insurance: living house, apartment, cottage, outbuilding, garage, sauna, fence, etc.. Everything that is permanently installed are prohibited: walls, ceilings, floors, doors;
  • House Property Insurance: this insurance include the property under the roof (and not only): furniture, carpets,  electrical appliances (computers, audio, video equipment, household appliances), cell phones, works of art and other valuable items in your home;
  • Civil Liability Insurance: insures liability of third parties in case the damage would be done for them after an accident in the house.


You can also add these insurances:

  • Valuables (cash, jewelry, antiques, furs and leather goods, musical instruments, etc..);
  • Documents;
  • Guest’s items;
  • Property used for business activities;
  • Home property in auxiliary buildings, inventoried basements, warehouses;
  • Bicycles of theft risk in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia;
  • Home property from the risk of robbery, risk of theft from a car trunk. The insurance is valid in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia;
  • House property you carry with you during your holidays. The insurance is valid in all European Union countries;
  • Glass breakage insurance: insures objects of glass (tables, windows, ceramic devices) from the glass break.


Farmer's Property Insurance

This type of insurance insure your farm property (buildings, agricultural machinery, equipment, inventory, supplies of agricultural production). In addition, you can insure mortgaged, leasing or lease acquired your farm property.


Pet Insurance

You can use the possibility to insure not only the farm (cattles, pigs, horses, sheeps, goats, birds) animals, but also fosterlings - breeding dogs and other domestic animals. Animals can be insured from communicable and non-communicable diseases, injuries, fire, theft, natural disasters, and other hazards.