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Transport Insurance


Motor Liability Insurance – a third party damage is indemnified when insurer is guilty in the accident.

  • General Insurance – this contract is concluded when the vehicle‘s normally location is in the Republic of Lithuania (the vehicle has registration number mark of Republic of Lithuania).
  • Group Vehicle Insurance – Insurance contract is concluded with registrered farmers of farm in accordance with law, also with other agricultural activity subjects, which are mentioned in law of agricultural and rural development.
  • Cross-border Insurance- the contract is concluded when the vehicle ir normally located outside the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.

Vehicles (Casco) Insurance – cover the damage irrespective of who is causer and even the causer has not been appointed.

  • Vehicle Casco Insurance - insures the vehicle of accidents, theft, hooliganism or vandalism, natural disasters, baggage damage or destruction, damage, which can be made of any kind of force, fire or explosion as well.
  • Passenger and Driver Insurance of an accident while crashing – insures passengers and driver of death, disability or injury.
  • Roadside Assistance Insurance - insured costs for emergency roadside assistance when vehicle turns out of order, vehicle storage, travel extension or returning back, overnight (when the car is under repair), vehicle spare keys or fuel delivery. Insurance is valid in Lithuania and Europe.