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Guaranteed pension


Have you ever thought about how life would look like if you will start to get a 40 percent of your todays salary? Experience show that such incomes is usually received in retirement, so start thinking now about your upcoming retirement! To secure a higher income in retirement can anyone who takes a decision to participate in the pension system.

The Lithuanian pension system consists of three steps:

I pillar - old-age pension from the SoDra;

II pillar - the old-age pension is accumulated in pension funds of 2nd pillar;

III pillar - old age pension is accumulated voluntary (individual savings) pension funds of 3rd pillar or Life insurance.

Do you know that there was accepted new pension accumulation system reform and pension law changes of Republic Of Lithuania in 2012:

  • The payment which transferred from “Sodra” to pension funds of 2nd pillar will increase from 1.5 to 2.5 percent since January 1, 2013;
  • There are very important period (April 1 - December 1, 2013) for all who accumulates in pension funds, because they have to choose the possibility to accumulate more;
  • People who sign new contract of pension accumulation, starts accumulate much earlier – after 3 months from the signing the contract;
  • You will save more since 2013 – administrative taxes has descreased and it is a great benefit for people who accumulate.

All people who accumulate in pension funds of 2nd pillar have to choose between following options since April 1 until December 1, 2013:

Option I: to stop the social insurance payment transferring into the pension fund from 2014 and stay only in Sodra system. If you will decide to renew your participating in pension accumulation you will have this opportunity (January 1, 2013 and later). For this reason you must to adduce request to the pension company (but you won’t have the possibility to stop accumulation once again).

Option II: to participate in the pension accumulation system with previous conditions - to transfer fixed social insurance contribution  to pension funds.

Option III: continue the accumulation by individual savings at the same time you get additional payment from the state budget. For additional payment you need to adduce an agreement to the pension company. You can’t refuse this agreement later on.

The new procedure (third option) will be applied to all new 2nd pillar pension fund participants, which sign the contracts since January 1, 2013. The new participants will have new conditions of accumulation (2+2+2) and they can not stop the signed contract.

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