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Life Insurance


If you are seriously thinking about your own and your family's financial future and realize that it is necessary to be taken care of, it is worth to look into life insurance. Take a look at how life insurance can be useful for you and your  relatives at any stage of life:

  • Provide a sense of security for Yourself and Your family;
  • Ensure financial support for the loss of the breadwinner;
  • It is worth to purchase life insurance while bearing financial liabilities to banks;
  • A few litas every day and a strong capital in the future.


Cumulative Life Insurance

Typically, people who take accumulative life insurance are careful and responsible people, breadwinners, who want to be assured that their relatives will not stay without livelihood if he/she would get sick or worse. You can choose the amount you want to accumulate and sum assured life insuranse. If something bad will not happen during the term of the contact you will get full payment of the amount which has accumulated during that period.

Investment Insurance

This type of life insurance means that you take care of your relatives and save investing for the future. Along with this insurance, you can choose additional insurances (critical illness, accidental death, disability because of accident and injury).

Every year you will be able to take advantage of the annual income tax exemption and reduce the cost of insurance.