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Property Insurance


Property of company - most important, the most significant and long-term investment.

The company can insure the following property:

  • Industrial and administrative buildings, structures (including engineering equipment);
  • Production and marketing of equipment and machinery;
  • Tools, furniture, inventory, electronic and computer equipment;
  • The reserves, output and raw materials, fuel, supplies or production in progress.

Production (business) Interruption Insurance

The company experiences major material losses after a fire, storm or other major disaster, when the property becomes destroyed (buildings, equipment or stock). Business also suffers huge financial losses after an accident as the business process is disturbed – restoration of buildings, shipping new equipment. But the fixed cost still remain: employer have to continue paying salaries, rent, interest, and there is a lack of working capital. If there are no funds to continue production, there is no need to rebuilt the property of company.

Cargo Insurance

Each company more or less receives and sends cargo. Cargo insurance in case of emergency will provide financial security and stability for your business.

The main risks you can insure a particular shipment or make an annual insurance contract and to insure all goods: cargo damage, destruction or theft.